What Is Repointing?

Brick-and-mortar buildings are some of the best building types you can own. These types of buildings are very strong, offer great protection from natural elements, and are super easy to maintain. The bare brick look in these types of walls is very popular because the natural look of bricks can be visually appealing and it reduces your overall maintenance since you never have to paint these walls.

Despite all their benefits, brick walls do have a few drawbacks and one of them is repointing. In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at what repointing is, what it is helpful for, and how often this maintenance task should be completed.

What Is Repointing? 

Repointing is basically the restoration of the joints between bricks in a wall. When repointing is done, the old and cracked mortar is cleared between bricks, and all the openings are re-filled with brand-new mortar. 

Repointing can be done on older or newer buildings and a mortar that looks similar to the rest of your building can be used if you are only doing partial repointing on your building.

Why Is Repointing Important?

Brick repointing should always be completed by a professional. If done correctly, these services can offer a great many benefits like the following.

Ensure Structural Integrity

The concrete or mortar between brick walls can become brittle over time. This can result in cracks and missing mortar that can cause weak points in your wall exterior. When the weak mortar is replaced with new ones the walls will once again be stable and secure and the structural integrity of your building will be ensured.

Protection From Weather 

Weak and cracked mortar can cause water to seep through the bricks and into your walls. This can cause damp issues and can weaken the mortar even more. With repointing, the exterior layer is restored and your walls will once again become waterproof so they can offer the needed protection against rain.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Crumbling mortar and noticeable wall cracks can look unpleasant. When repointing is done, all of these cracks and unsightly areas will be filled right up. The stains on old mortar will also be covered and all brick lines will look a lot smoother and more even. This will give your building a much better overall look.

Retain Property Value

Your property value is sure to be affected when there is a lot of noticeable damage to the building. Repointing will restore these damages and can enhance the overall look of your building. This ensures that your property will retain its value for longer and could help increase the overall interest in your home. 

Replace Unsightly Mortar Lines

Some contractors don’t pay much attention to the mortar lines when they are constructing the property. This can result in messy mortar lines that will affect the overall look of your property. Repointing is a great method for restoring these issues. You can get a different color mortar inserted for a more striking wall or simply get the smooth and even line work you might have wanted to begin with.

How Often Should Repointing Be Done?

You don’t have to do repointing too often. The mortar fillings between brick walls can last 20 – 30 years while higher-quality mortar can last up to 50 years. It can be good to get repointing done once every 10 to 15 years because this will help keep yor building in great shape for much longer. 

Repointing might be done mainly for the sake of maintenance but it can offer a great many benefits. Contact Pro Tuck Brickwork if you want to find out more about this specific service or if you want to get repointing for your building. 

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