Improve the look of your home today. 

Brick repointing is the process where the old or missing mortar is removed and then mended to resemble the existing brickwork. 

It’s also a process used to stabilise and restore the original look of your walls and increase their longevity. 

Mortar, A Crucial Construction Element 

Mortar is the material which separates individual components such as brick and stones from one another. And it plays a crucial element for the stability of your home because it protects structures from weathering and holds them securely together. Mortar can make up to 15% of the overall exterior of a building. Which means it has a significant influence on the stability of your home as well as its appearance. 

Mortar is the central defence against water entering your home, which further adds to its importance because water can cause immediate damage leading to further and more expensive problems down the track. So save yourself stress, money and potential long term losses by investing in repointing today. 

At Protuck Brickwork Restorations, we comply with all rules and building regulations. Which means we ensure your safety and reassure the most outstanding work gets completed with an excellence guarantee with each project. 

Why Buildings Need Repointing

Overtime most walls and connections between bricks and brickwork can deteriorate. Therefore a process and craft are required to bring it back to life. 

If you’re like most people, then you want to ensure your home is protected, which includes the maintenance of your wall mortar. There are several reasons you may need brick repointing such as, 

  • Not enough cement got used when the structure was initially built
  • Melbourne’s harsh and changing weather conditions such as rain, strong wind, hail and sun can slowly wear down the mortar in structures
  • Dampness set in on a building can gradually wear mortar down
  • Small earth movements, earthquakes or any event which has caused cracking or shifting of the structure

Signs Your Brickwork Needs Repointing

It’s crucial to look for any of these below symptoms in your bricks so you can protect your home and keep the exterior looking fresh and new. 

Signs of dampness. If you’ve noticed any signs of moisture in your home such as on your plaster or flooring, this could be a sign you need repointing because it’s most likely the cause of how the water penetrated your home. 

Damaged bricks. Can often be a sign of repointing work needed as they could be letting moisture or water get into your home. Further to this, even damaging the structural protection of your walls. 

Loose Bricks. Lose bricks often means moisture has built up in the mortar, causing it to weaken and forming the bricks to not adequately sealed together. 

Cracks, gaps or loose mortar. These are a sure sign you need repointing. If you can visibly see holes in between your bricks, mortar which appears not entirely to be there or cracks throughout it, then you’ll need repointing done. So your walls are safely secured, and they’ll look brilliantly new again too. 

Whichever your reason for repointing, remember it is a crucial element concerning the security of the structure of your home. 

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