Is your  Heritage Period Facadehome becoming old and worn out ? Are you wondering what you can possibly do with it to maximize it’s appearance and market value? Have you ever considered tuck pointing or even re-pointing?  Once again make your home return to its glory days and Inject new life into it. Tuck pointing is the operation of finishing joints in the brickwork, after the brickwork has been completed the joints have been recessed out to a depth of 10mm – 15mm. A self coloured mortar is then injected using our Professional  tools and brought back to a flush finish.

All colors are demonstrated and discussed with clients before any work is started to avoid any misunderstanding & Confusion . Following this a mixture of  Lime Puddy and Botany sand is pressed  into the stopping mortar and then eventually cut off , to give a perfect straight Line impression.  This method is frequently used on restoration work as opposed to standard re-pointing.

Tuck Pointing  is of the utmost importance requiring a certain amount of skill in, not only the different methods using the materials, but also in the preparation of materials and walls. Tuck pointing requires good, clean materials and most of all careful workmanship.

We also offer Re-pointing which is the process of raking out the mortar joints to a 15mm – 25mm depth. Then washing walls  clean of any dust particles to create a effective bond to the new mortar. Matching mortar is then injected with a mortar color that has been previously approved by the client. You can maintain the same joint finish as existing walls or perhaps create a new look with the different finishes we provide. This will go along way to getting your home and investment back in shape. Take a Look through our gallery and see the difference in our real quality work, and why it is Important to Use A Masonry Certified Artisan.